Before you purchase,Please read the following Terms & Condition. 
If you do not agree to be bound by our terms, Then please do not continue with your purchase.

All the stock is ready stock, first come first serve basis, reserved is unavailable. 

For international customer, we provide AliPay,PayPal,Singapore bank and Taiwan Bank for customer to make payment.

✿ 邮寄的途中如有损坏,遗失或延迟,本店没有负责。
The goods are at your own risk from the time of delivered, we are not responsible for any damage or lost during delivery.

✿ 邮寄时间为星期天至星期四,星期五和六为周末,所以没有发货。
Shipping time for Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday is weekend, so no delivery in Friday and Saturday.

✿ 下单前请先检查现货表,否则缺货我们将直接以其他款式代替寄出不会有任何通知。
Please check the stock list before you make order. Otherwise out of stock,we will directly switched the lens and sent out without any inform 

✿ 货物出门恕不退还或更换。
Product cannot be change or return after post out .

✿ 我们只保证所有lens的品牌都是韩国进口&韩国认证,我们不保证任何关于眼睛的不适。任何购买风险买家需自己承担。
We only guarantee that all lens brands are imported from Korea & South Korea certification.
We are not responsible for any problem, infection or any injury of your eyes,
Please note that these lenses are purchased at your own risk.

✿ 不能保证所有美瞳适合你的眼睛,只有保证是韩国正品。
No guarantee that your eyes are suitable for those lenses. Only guarantee on the authenticity of the lenses.

✿ 包装上的度数都是准确的,

The label of the degrees is correctly printed at the lens packaging.
We won't give any response to any opened bottle lens / blister lens even if you say the degree is wrong or anything.

Once the parcel has been mailed,  we'll provide the tracking number.
Please use the tracking number and track it by pos malaysia website.  
If got any delivery problem, kindly contact the pos office and settle with them.

✿ 如有任何問題請在收到後的3天內拍照并且通知我們,否则3天之后将不受理。
Kindly inform us within 3days once you had received the parcel in case got any problem and the pictures proof is required to send to us in the meantime.
Any problem after 3days will not be entertained

✿ 不管任何理由包裹被退回来我们这里的话,您必须再次支付运费。
Regardless any reason your parcel was return back to us, you'll have to pay for second mailing charges.

✿ 请不要再没有通知的情况下直接把包裹寄回来给我们,我们将不处理这問題。
Please do not direct post back any lens without inform us, we will not handle it.

✿ 每天在晚上11.59前提交以及付款的订单,我们将在隔天寄出。
The order submits and payment before 11.59pm we will post out by the next working day.

✿ 我们保证准时发货,如不,下次订购我们将会赔偿1对美瞳给你们。

We guarantee on-time send out, if not,next order we will give you compensation for one pair of contact lens.
(Post Office delay is not within our scope of responsibility)

✿ 进口关税和税收由买方支付

Customs, Duties, and Taxes buyer pays
Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details.

✿ 本店保留最终的权利,对以上任何条款进行修改,并无需另行通知。
Our shop has the rights to add-on or exchange any of our T&C without any notice in advance.

✿ 一旦付款后将会自动认为您同意并接受上述我们的T&C中的所有条款和条件。
Once payment  confirmation has been made, it automatically means you have agreed and accept to our T&C all the terms and conditions stated above.


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