Frequently Asked Questions

Shown below are a number of questions and concerns you have contacted us about and answers to these. If you have a question please take a look through here to see if it has already been answered before contacting us.


Is ordering with Super Barbie safe?

Yes, absolutely. Our website is secured using a secure sockets Layer which is certified. Your payment details are not stored on our server and our payments interface is provided by our payment method. If you have any concerns over the security of your information or transaction, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to track my order?

Yes. By logging in using the details you supplied during registration, you can keep track of your order to see what stage of delivery it is at.

I no longer require my order, how do I receive a refund?

We will happily refund any order once the items have been returned in original, un-opened condition to the address listed on our contact us page. 

What if my lenses are faulty?

If your lenses are not received in perfect condition, you can return them to us, including all packaging, to the following address. Please also include a note with your name and address on our contact us page detailing the problem.

Do I need to have a contact lens fitting to wear Super Barbie eye accessories?

As our products are not lenses by definition (they are non-prescription plano lenses which do not alter your vision), you don't need a lens fitting consultation prior to wear. However, as the placement of an eye accessory such as these on your eye is something which should be done very carefully indeed; we always recommend you visit your optician for a lens fitting prior to wear - especially if you are a first time user.

Can I wear my lenses overnight?

No - never sleep in your lenses or prolong the use of lenses longer than is necessary. You can starve your eye of oxygen by doing this and cause damage. Always remember to take your lenses out before going to sleep.

How long will my lenses last?

Super Barbie range of eye accessories are designed for up to 30 days, 90 days or 1 year from opening provided the lenses are well cared for, stored and handled properly. Check each product page to see the stated use period.

Are's eye accessories actually contact lenses?

For the purposes of marketing and to enable our customer's to find what they are looking for our products could be marked as contact lenses, colour contact lenses, patterned lenses or cosmetic fashion lenses. We would like to point out that the range we stock are actually manufactured in accordance to cosmetic standards and are deemed in UK law to be a fashion accessory and not a contact lens.


Are's lenses hard lenses or soft lenses?

Our lenses are all what you would regard as a soft lens.  They are all soft  and flexible, as we offer lenses from a number of brands and suppliers the exact composition of the lenses will vary and as such so will the overall softness and flexibility.


Can you wear 2 contact lenses in one eye?

We are sometimes asked this question by people that require a prescription to correct their vision.  We do not currently stock any prescription coloured contact lenses.

You must never wear 2 contact lenses in one eye.  You can of course wear a coloured contact lens in combination with glasses to correct your vision.

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